COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Page

We are now accepting Pfizer appointments for kids ages 5-11.  You do not have to be our patient to sign up for a vaccine. All vaccines are free and no insurance is necessary.

Why choose Pleasant Pediatrics?  We have administered over 60,000 Covid Vaccines since January and our team has lots of experience with vaccines (pediatric clinics administer the most vaccines out of any specialty and can vaccinate all ages!)

Our locations still have plenty of appointments available this week. We are also offering Pfizer and Moderna Booster doses to anyone 18+

Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine : In stock and can be administered to anyone older than 12 years (5-11 have a lower dose and is in stock as well).  

Moderna Vaccine : In stock and can be administered to anyone older than 18 years.

Please select the appropriate appointment type based on the age. 

If you don't have health insurance, please put N/A or other in the insurance number and name fields in order to procced to next screen.

Once you book an appointment, please fill out the entire intake form.  It will be required to confirm your appointment. Please avoid calling our office with questions and try not to cancel your appointment as we have limited slots.